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Frequently Asked Questions

West-wide Energy Corridor Final PEIS Interactive Map in ESRI ArcReader Format

Interactive Final PEIS map of proposed Section 368 energy corridors, for viewing with ESRI ArcReader software.

The West-wide Energy Corridor Final PEIS Interactive Map in ArcReader format is provided to view map layers that were used to create the maps and conduct some analyses in the Final PEIS. "Interactive" means that you can "zoom in" to areas of special interest and select the information to be displayed on the map. The map data was developed to be used with the Environmental Systems Research Institute's (ESRI) ArcReader software. You must have ArcReader software installed in order to view the map.

Please note that use of the West-wide Energy Corridor Final PEIS Interactive Map in ArcReader format requires downloading very large files (at least 83 MB) and requires more than one GB of hard disk space and at least one GB of RAM.

Instructions for Downloading and Use

Follow these three steps to download and use the map data in ESRI ArcReader Format:

1. Download ArcReader Software

ArcReader is a free application and can be downloaded from the ArcReader page on the ESRI website.

2. Download the West-wide Energy Corridor Final PEIS Map Data

Once you've installed ArcReader, you can download the core West-wide Energy Corridor Interactive Map ZIP file. The file is an 83 MB compressed WinZip file archive containing multiple files.

You must unzip the West-wide Energy Corridor Interactive Map.pmf project file and the data that comes with it in the same folder. It is best not to move the files after installing them.

Once you've installed ArcReader and the Interactive Map.pmf file as detailed above, click on the icon for the Interactive Map.pmf file to open the ArcReader software and the map.

3. (Optional) Download the Extended West-wide Energy Corridor Final Map Data

For those interested in additional information, a second 185 MB Zip file is available for downloading. The Extended West-wide Energy Corridor Final Map Data file contains additional GIS data and extended interactive map project files. See West-wide Energy Corridor GIS Public Database Contents for a listing of map layers included in the downloadable file.

4. Read the Instructions for Using the Map and ArcReader

It is strongly recommended that new ArcReader users read the Instructions for Using the West-Wide Energy Corridor Final PEIS Map in ArcReader document (available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) for basic instructions for using the Map with ArcReader.

Need Help? Have Questions?

If you experience any problem downloading these files, need assistance, or have questions about the Final PEIS maps or mapping data, please contact the Webmaster at corridoreiswebmaster@anl.gov

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide technical support for ESRI ArcReader, and cannot answer questions related to its installation or operation. Users may wish to visit the ESRI Support Center for assistance.