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Frequently Asked Questions

West Wide Energy Corridor Final PEIS Maps in GIS Format

Final PEIS maps of proposed Section 368 energy corridors, for detailed viewing and analysis by Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals with commercial GIS software.

Click the link below to download GIS data used to create the West Wide Energy Corridor Final PEIS Map Atlas and to support the Final PEIS analysis. The files included in this archive are GIS data layers suitable for use with GIS software.

Included files:

  • WWEC.mdb: ESRI ArcGIS GeoDatabase containing: sec368centerline, sec368centerline_atts, sec368centerline_row_int, sec368zone, sec368zone_070715_080905_changes, and sec368zone_atts layers.
Shapefiles directory:
  • sec368centerline.*: Proposed energy corridor centerlines with basic attributes.
  • sec368centerline_atts.*: Proposed energy corridor centerlines with extended attributes.
  • sec368centerline_row_int.*: Proposed energy corridor centerlines coded to indicate presence of existing electrical transmission, pipeline, road or railroad.
  • sec368zone.*: Proposed energy corridor areas with basic attributes.
  • sec368zone_070715_080905_changes.*: Combined draft and final corridor areas coded with the type of change made between draft and final, if any.
  • sec368zone_atts.*: Proposed energy corridor areas with extended attributes.
Metadata directory:
  • Files in HTML format with metadata for each of the above layers.

Download GIS Data File

The following file is a compressed Zip file archive containing multiple files:

GIS Zip file EnergyCorridorsPublicFinal.zip (13.2 MB)

Need Help? Have Questions?

If you experience any problem downloading these files, need assistance, or have questions about the PEIS maps or mapping data, please contact the Webmaster at corridoreiswebmaster@anl.gov

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide technical support for Zip or GIS software, and cannot answer questions related to its installation or operation.