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West-wide Energy Corridor Programmatic EIS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Involved

Public involvement opportunities that will occur as part of the process for reviewing the Section 368 Corridors will be announced.

A Request for Information (RFI) was published in the Federal Register on March 28, 2014 to solicit information that will assist the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. Forest Service (FS), and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) (Agencies) in the development of the Section 368 Corridor Study and provide the foundation for the initial Regional Periodic Review. The comment period ended on May 27, 2014.

Future Public Involvement Opportunities

The Settlement also requires that public input and an open and transparent process with engagement by tribes, States, local governments, and other interested parties occur as part of the process for making potential revisions, deletions, or additions to Section 368 Corridors. The Interagency Workgroup will solicit comments from the public regarding the periodic review of Section 368 Corridors in the regions identified on the "Priority Regions for Review of Section 368 Energy Corridors" map and subsequent recommendations and in reviewing and making recommendations on Interagency Operating Procedures (IOPs), and will coordinate with other Federal agencies, tribes, States, and local governments. For more information about the regional reviews, including timeline, documents, and implementation, see the Regional Periodic Reviews page.

The public will be notified at least 15 days in advance of any meetings, webinars, or solicitations for comments. Outreach may include listening sessions, electronic town hall meetings, web postings, or other appropriate means.

Comments can be submitted electronically to blm_wo_368corridors@blm.gov